December 8, 2019

8.12.19 – Release Notes: Habuka 1.0

Dave McPherson

Hakuba is the name we have given to the Promotional Code feature for Pangea. Hakuba introduces the ability for traveller to enter promo codes on the purchase path and obtain a discount.

Whether you’re working with a client developed purchase paths or IBU’s Kyoto purchase path, our latest Hakuba release offers a stack of features designed to convert on marketing messages and reward customers. In addition to front end code submission, Hakuba 1.0 also allows promo codes to be added or updated to a policy, post-purchase via Madrid – our Policy Administration tool.

As a result of Habuka’s 8.12.19 update, the following products on the Pangea platform have also been updated:

  • Okinawa – Quote and Bind API
  • Kyoto – Purchase Path Application
  • Madrid – Policy Administration

What’s new?

The key functionality now available as a result of this release spans several applications of using and monitoring promo codes.

  • Ability to add a promotional code during quoting
  • Ability to change a promotional code during quoting
  • Ability to remove a promotional code during quoting
  • Ability to see both the original retail price and the discounted price
  • Ability to apply a promotional code on top of a membership discount
  • Ability to add/change/remove to promotional code on a policy as an endorsement after sale
    Changes to Okinawa – Quote and Bind API

The API has been updated to allow promo codes to be submitted when obtaining a quote. The API will return both the discounted and undiscounted prices for each product option.

API documentation

Please refer to the API documentation found at the link below and to the documentation available in the schema for Okinawa:

Download documentation

To apply promo codes, or not

With this release developers are now able to add a promo code box to their purchase path application. You have the option to implement it with and without an ‘apply’ button. Note: that implementing without the Apply button will result in a quote not being created when an invalid promo code is used. There is a coupon validate endpoint you can hit or you can allow the validation to occur on get quote. Please see the attached screenshot in the section below to see how the promo code has been added to the Kyoto purchase path application.

The promotional discount will be shown to the travellers on the Certificate of Insurance (COI) emails they receive from Pangea.

Screenshot 2019-12-16 14.56.53

Changes to Kyoto – Purchase Path Application

With the Hakuba update comes new conversion opportunities in the purchase path. There is now a promo code box on the first page of the purchase path and in on the quote widget. Here’s how that looks.

  1. Before a promo code has been entered

    Screenshot 2019-12-16 14.36.18
  2. Once a promo code has been entered

    The apply button allows a traveller to validate their promotional code before proceeding.Screenshot 2019-12-16 14.37.26
  3. Product page with promotional discount applied

    The original retail price is crossed out and the new discount price is displayed. Note: This feature release includes the ability to add a promotional code on top of a membership tier discount.

Screenshot 2019-12-16 14.37.54 (1)

Madrid – Policy Administration

Once a policy is incepted you will see the promotional code applied in the yellow “tax invoice” section.

Travel with Jane Travel Insurance (6) (1)

Traveller Support agents and underwriters can also add, remove or change the promotional code in Madrid – in the same way it could be done in Janeway. For example the promo code can be deleted or a new one added.

Screenshot 2019-12-16 14.58.07

Managing Promotional Codes

Promotional codes are still managed in Pricing Administration. All the functionality currently available in Pricing Administration for promotional codes is still available as Pricing Administration is part of Pangea.

Adding a Promotional Code if you are a Travel By Us Affiliate

If you are a Travel By Us affiliate using Kyoto or your own purchase path application, Insured By Us will manage the set up of promo codes for you. Simply log a support request via Jira Service desk.

Looking to apply some of the new promo code changes to your product? Or keen to get under the hood and delve deeper into our technology? Chat to Sarah.