February 20, 2020

Dev’ing Insurance Technology like Apple and Google

Sarah Drysdale

Just like the best of silicon valley, IBU is built on start-up foundations and a tech-lead culture. So it should come as no surprise that IBU is always striving to find ways to better develop our APIs and software products. Here are 3 of the ways we orientate ourselves to deliver.

Beyond agile

In 2020 IBU has revamped our product development processes, embracing the practices of Google, Apple and Facebook which are going beyond Agile and Lean to leverage an empowered and effective product organisation that delivers products customers love.

Geared to deliver

Our platform software engineers are organised into product teams. Each product team has a Product Manager, Product Designer and 4-5 Engineers. Within well organised structures, teams are empowered to focus and deliver within clearly defined sprints and epics.

New methodology

Our new lightweight discovery and delivery process and team structure has already delivered a rapid improvement in features being released on Pangea. Over the coming weeks this new methodology will be leveraged into the Customer Success teams. Stay tuned for more on this.

Can IBUs tech-first approach improve your insurance products’ response time and quote conversion?

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