February 23, 2020

Who’s Who At IBU? Meet Georgina

Michelle Legge

Before joining IBU as Head of People & Culture in 2018, IBU had not yet discovered the joys of Virtual Offsites – with snacks provided! As well as the dynamic goal setting and professional development that Georgina’s introduced and championed within our remote-first culture. Let’s find out what makes G tick inside and outside work.

What’s your role at IBU?

Head of People & Culture

Where do you live?

Sydney, Australia

What do you like about your role at IBU?

People – we work autonomously with a supportive team working towards the same goals.

Describe the best trip you’ve ever had?

I love this question because it’s given me a good excuse to look back at old travel photos. I’ve had the very good fortune to have travelled and experienced some amazing places. If I had to pick one I’d say the trip that ended in the French Alps – I’d never seen snow like that before. I was completely ill-prepared and did a lot of falling over with my slippery boots. French supermarkets stock a large variety of my favourite things too which cost us very little so I have very fond memories of eating copious quantities of delicious wine & cheese on a student budget.

What destinations are on your bucket list and why?

Japan, Africa, I need to see heaps more of Asia, and South America. My reason for all my travels – food.

What are your top travel items you have to have when you travel?

Phone for internet, translation help, restaurant recommendations… sunglasses and sunscreen.

Why should people buy travel insurance?

Nothing ruins a travel experience quite like worrying about how to pay for the unexpected. We can’t plan for everything so I always buy travel insurance and hope I never need to use it.

When you’re not at work what do you do for fun?

Finding new places and new things to eat  – did I mention my great love of food?

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